Business Assessments: Our business assessments are designed to analyze the financial and operational health of your company. We provide our clients with an objective view of the financial and operational functions of their business by identifying its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities for improvement, and ways to improve bottom line performance.  Our assessments set the framework for pinpointing the type of assistance and appropriate next steps our clients need.

Access to Capital and Finance Management: The most important aspect of developing businesses, and often the most difficult to achieve, is access to capital and finance management. We have tailored our services to provide the most important skills crucial to growing our clients businesses. Whether it is acquiring working capital from a lender, applying for an SBA loan, or responding to a grant proposal, we help clients prepare packages to secure funding. Our business advisers offer extensive experience in:

  • Debt & Equity Financing
  • Financial, Credit & Risk analysis
  • SBA and Conventional Loans Qualification
  • Loan and Grant Identification & Packaging
  • General Finance Counseling

Access to Markets: Market share helps measure consumers’ preference for a product over other similar products. Because a higher market share usually coincides with greater sales and less effort to sell more, we help our clients identify the right market for their product or service. Our team provides the following:

  • Export Consulting & Technical Assistance
  • Government  Procurement Assistance
  • Private Sector Contract Identification
  • Specialized Certification Assistance (including 8(a), MBE, and Small Disadvantaged Business)
  • Market Research
  • Market Plan Development
  • Marketing /Communications

Strategic Business Consulting: Success and continued growth of a company rely on a solid business strategy. It is imperative that our clients are prepared for mergers, acquisitions, industry changes and other elements that will affect their organization. To ensure that sound management practices and processes are in place we provide:

  • Strategic & Business Planning
  • Leadership Team Development
  • Organization & Structure
  • Policies & Procedures

Business Process Management: It is imperative that our clients utilize the best process for their innovation needs. Business process management preserves the foundation of a company’s architecture and sustains the structure for more improvements and changes. We desire for our clients to remain competitive, up to date and prepared for new opportunities. We provide assistance in various areas to improve businesses competency:

  • Process Improvement (including lean enterprise techniques, continual improvement, and quality-related assistance)
  • International  Trade
  • Specialized  Certifications (such as ISO 9000 and ISO 14000)
  • Energy & Environmental Management
  • Information Technology & Systems Improvement