GOODr Celebrates a Year of Fighting Food Insecurity in Atlanta

Social entrepreneur Jasmine Crowe combines innovation with compassion to create GOODR, a sustainable waste management app that leverages technology to combat hunger. GOODR paired with Atlanta restaurants, businesses, event centers and grocery stores to redirect surplus food to those in need. After traveling to Haiti, Jasmine Crowe felt inspired to make a difference in the Atlanta community, where the food security idea began. The “DO GOODR” established Sunday Soul, a campaign that provided a pop-up restaurant experience to food-insecure members in the community. After having an ideation session on gentrification with Joey Womack at Goodie Nation, a resourceful program that works with larger businesses to serve underprivileged communities and encourage change through education, Crowe was selected to participate in the program that led to the kickstart of GOODR.

In addition to contributing to the fight against hunger, Goodr helps businesses earn valuable tax deductions by donating their food waste instead of throwing it away. The blockchain enabled apps provides clients insight into their food waste patterns, real-time donation/tax deduction info, and community impact reports.
GOODR is a client with the MBDA Business Center of Atlanta and we are proud to have contributed to the growth and development of this business. The staff of the MBDA Business Center-Atlanta is a team of innovators in the field of helping minority-owned businesses gain access to private and federal leading-edge resources, as well as, becoming a part of a rich network of entrepreneurs. If you would like to know more visit our website

Atlanta MBC Client Places Sixth in Top 25 Breakthroughs of Georgia

NO. 6:
A Way to Restore Polluted Ground

The threat of bombs, mines and other explosives extends long after they detonate. That’s because munitions, both explode and undischarge, leaving behind a toxic residue that pollutes soil and groundwater. Dealing with this contamination is costly, dangerous and time consuming.

But, the Atlanta MBDA Business Centers’ client and University of Georgia scientist found a novel way to restore these damaged ecosystems: a neutralizing chemical mixture called MuniRem®. The reagent can be applied directly to explosive residues in soil, water, equipment and buildings, as well as to bulk explosives themselves.
Invented by Valentine Nzengung, a UGA geology professor, MuniRem is the first substance to instantly neutralize explosives, bomb fillers and chemical warfare materiel. It can be scattered as a powder, sprayed as a liquid or even injected into groundwater.

The MuniRem reagent is marketed by Georgia-based MuniRem Environmental, and it’s not an off-the-shelf product. The company’s technicians visit each contaminated site to take samples and identify pollutants, then create a custom formulation.

Since its inception in 2000, MuniRem Environmental (formerly known as Planteco) has worked extensively with the U.S. Department of Defense, Department of Agriculture and many other public and private sector clients. Contamination from spent munitions poses major risks at military training grounds, weapons manufacturing plants and storage facilities.
As a cost-effective way to reclaim valuable land and structures, MuniRem can help protect natural resources around the world for years to come.

Article reposted with permission from Georgia Research Alliance