Georgia Tech’s Custom Career Portal

This week, will be the final part of our Georgia Tech resource series specifically focusing on the Georgia Tech Career Center, but do not worry, our following articles will continue to explore other opportunities offered by various groups and centers at Georgia Tech. To close out our Career Center segments, we are emphasizing the main tool that employers can utilize when recruiting Georgia Tech students, CareerBuzz.

What is Career Buzz?

CareerBuzz is Georgia Tech’s specific online career portal open to current students, alumni, faculty, and employers. Similar to other hiring platforms, CareerBuzz allows employers to create an online employer profile where they can upload open job opportunities. These employer profiles will be visible to Georgia Tech students and alumni, and they describe your company’s industry, size, and location. Creating a detailed employer profile is a great way to connect with students who might not have heard of your group or visited your company at a career fair.

After creating an employer profile, you have the capability of uploading open positions onto the platform which students can find through independent searches. For example, if your group is looking to hire an intern for Human Resources during the next academic semester period, Georgia Tech undergraduates majoring in Business Administration will come across your job posting if they search for Human Resource related positions as well. In contrast with other online job boards, CareerBuzz will allow you to customize the job listing for specific Georgia Tech majors, degree types (undergraduate, graduate, or alumni), and years in school (freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior). These unique features make recruiting students significantly easier if your group is targeting a specific age range of students.

How to Access CareerBuzz?

First make sure to visit the Georgia Tech Career Center page and read the previous articles in our series to learn more about the various resources available to employers engaging with Georgia Tech. Then follow the steps listed below from the Career Center:

Georgia Tech uses CareerBuzz to manage all of its job, internship, co-op postings, and on-campus interviews.

To ensure all students and recent alumni within 2 years of graduation have access to all job postings we ask that employer use our FREE online job posting and management system (CareerBuzz).

Step one is to set-up your account and employer profile on Careerbuzz.

New users should log on to CareerBuzz and click on “New Employer Registration.”

Returning users can log on to CareerBuzz with their username and password.

After you have created an account, you will receive an approval message with your log-in information within 48 hours, at which time you can post a job.

Step two is to create your job posting.  Log into your Carerbuzz account.  Under the “My Quicklinks toolbar on the right select “Create a New Job Posting.”

If you are interested in posting a job and/or internship or co-op, and HOLDING INTERVIEWS ON CAMPUS please go to our On-Campus Recruiting tab for additional information.

Whether your company is looking to hire a next round of student workers, or your group is attempting to start a brand new internship or co-op program, CareerBuzz is an easy place to begin. By posting your jobs on CareerBuzz, you are guaranteed to tap into a network of Georgia Tech students eager to gain valuable work experience and contribute to your company’s overall mission.


The Benefits of Immersive Business Education

Charles Weems was born and raised in Decatur, Georgia, and attended Columbia High School. As an avid video game player as a child, Mr. Weems noted that it was a high school teacher who first introduced him to computer science. Mr. Weems then followed a golf scholarship to Grambling State University where he graduated with a degree in computer science. Upon graduation, he began working on individual projects mostly involving developing websites with flash animation and working as a software engineer for a small business. By 2006, however, Mr. Weems had decided to go out on his own and open Weems Design Studio (originally named Weems Web Consulting). Today, Weems Design Studio employs over 50 individuals who help provide custom software solutions and technology expertise for private businesses and government entities. 

In a conversation with Mr. Weems, he noted that his original business strategy and philosophy was simply to never spend more than he made, and while this method was successful in his early years, Mr. Weems began to seek professional and industry related training. By 2010, Weems Design Studio was beginning to pursue government contracts, and it was through this process that he got involved with the Small Business Administration (SBA). Via his relationship with the SBA, Mr. Weems learned about the opportunities available for him at the Atlanta MBDA Business Center. After contacting Donna Ennis, Atlanta MBDA Centers’ Project Director, Mr. Weems began to participate in programs and receive counsel in attaining credit, identifying customer bases, investing money, and developing a strategic vision for a business. 

“The Atlanta MDBA Centers are a very engaged organization in the Atlanta area from a business standpoint. I would encourage any business owner to get involved with the MBDA. The resources are out there, but many times we don’t know where to look. By connecting with groups such as the MBDA, you’re connected with people who really want to see you succeed and are there to help.” Charles Weems

Most notably, Mr. Weems described his experience participating in the Dartmouth’s Tuck School of Business Program in 2015. After finding out about the program through his relationship with the Atlanta MBDA Business Center, Mr. Weems participated in the intensive program and made a point to say his colleagues described him as a “new person” after completing the program. He noted how the program helped him understand his overall vision for the company. Instead of trying to do all things information technology (IT) related, Mr. Weems decided to focus his company on software engineering and development.

Another area of notable interest and personal development Mr. Weems took from the Tuck program was the accounting section. He described how the program walked its participants through items such as balance sheets and cash flow statements. Through this immersive educational opportunity, Mr. Weems was able to create projections for his own company and escape a month-to-month financial system of operating. As a result, Mr. Weems now focuses on future implementation of skills and further development and regularly engages his staff with certifications and staff trainings.

Mr. Weems is also one of the Atlanta MBDA Centers’ clients who was recently accepted into the Ernst & Young Accelerator Program. This online program assists entrepreneurs in launching their own products and learning more from industry professionals.

To learn more about Weems Design Studio make sure to check out their website and LinkedIn page.


From Cashier to Consultant to CEO

Barbara Jones’s journey began at the age of 15 when she secured a job in retail to help her two siblings and single mother. While continuing to work retail jobs, Ms. Jones eventually pursued and completed a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Texas at Austin. After graduating, Ms. Jones was recruited by a startup company that worked on building software for cash registers. She described the job as a perfect fit as it combined her past work experience with her recently acquired computing skills.

After the startup’s technology that Ms. Jones worked on was acquired by Oracle, Ms. Jones decided to individuate herself and her skills by opening her own information technology (IT) consulting firm for the software. She quickly landed The Home Depot as her first client and continued to grow her consulting services. Her one-woman consulting company was then used to fund and create Lilllii RNB and train more consultants in retail and cashier technology.

As well as providing IT consulting services, Lillii RNB eventually began focusing on developing a new software centered around product returns. Freeing Returns was developed to help retailers eliminate fraudulent returns and maximize their return management capabilities. The product has made its way to a multitude of retailers including Shopify and is currently on track to become the primary source of revenue for Lillii RNB.

“I didn’t know a lot about the MBDA, so I’m learning a lot about the opportunities that are in front of us after being accepted [as a client]. This has been a big value add to the company” – Barbara Jones

One notable achievement Ms. Jones wanted to highlight was Lillii RNB’s nomination via the Centers to participate in the Initiative for a Competitive Inner City. After being accepted into this program, Ms. Jones spoke of the immense business opportunities that were provided to Lillii RNB, including a large portfolio of contacts to companies such as Bank of America.

Not only has Ms. Jones developed and managed successful and industry leading companies, but she continues to serve as a role model for women and minority entrepreneurs in STEM and IT. Ms. Jones stated that Lillii RNB itself was founded on the basis of empowering women as the organization’s name is acronym for “Let’s Imagine Life with Ladies in IT.”

To learn more about Ms. Jones and her companies, make sure to visit Lilli RNB’s website, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, and Freeing Return’s website, Twitter, and Facebook.