Leaders must “work on their business” and not “for their business.”

7 Incomes Podcast

Recently, Donna Ennis, Atlanta MBDA Business Centers’ Project Director joined Gavin Ireland, the host of 7 Incomes podcast, to discuss her industry knowledge and experience with minority owned businesses. 7 Incomes is a podcast dedicated to honest conversations with current business leaders and major industry players. Dedicated to helping all business owners develop their own success stories, 7 Incomes offers honest, behind-the-scenes information and advice to help all business leaders make the most of their industry.

In this episode, Donna updates Gavin on the newest opportunities for the Atlanta MBDA Centers including the initial stages of a new Southeastern Innovation Hub developing in partnership with Morehouse College’s Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center as well as Preneurology Global. Donna and Gavin discuss current business trends and struggles such as gaining access to capital and developing company leadership. Offering her own advice from years of work with independent business owners, Donna explains to Gavin that one necessity for developing a business is for leaders to “work on their business” and not “for their business.”

Make sure to check out Donna’s episode of 7 Incomes as well as the rest of the episodes for great conversations in developing your own business strategies.

A Valuable Resource to Combat Current Business Barriers

The Future of Business

In October, the White House Initiative on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (WHIAAPI) hosted The Future of Business Virtual Events Series. On October 16, WHIAAPI partnered with the Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA) to discuss topics surrounding COVID-19 response initiatives, entrepreneurial network expansion, and digitalization and e-commerce. Donna Ennis, The Atlanta MBDA Business Centers’ Project Director, served as a panelist for this event primarily discussing the new Southeast MBDA Inner City Innovation Hub (ICIH).

In this discussion, Donna presented how the ICIH is a two-year, collaborative project amongst the Georgia Tech Enterprise Institute, Morehouse Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center, and Preneruology Global. Focusing on innovation, connectivity, and technology, the ICIH prototypic design blends innovation, entrepreneurship, and educational programs to help entrepreneurs at all levels holistically develop their businesses. In her conversation, Donna speaks about the accessible features the new hub will offer towards minority business entrepreneurs and how this will serve as a valuable resource to combat current business barriers.

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