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Over the next several weeks, the Atlanta MBDA Centers will be highlighting individual resources and services provided by Georgia Tech for companies and industry leaders to further engage with the university. As a client of the Atlanta MBDA Business Center or Advanced Manufacturing Center, individuals not only have access to a developed network of industry professionals with top-notch expertise in accelerating business growth, but companies also take a step into the greater Georgia Tech community and the multitude of benefits that can only be accessed by partnering with a leading research and engineering institution.

The Atlanta MBDA Business Center and Advanced Manufacturing Center operate within Georgia Tech’s Enterprise Innovation Institute (EI2). EI2 is currently the largest university-based business outreach program, and it prides itself on offering its clients primary expertise in business and industry assistance, technology commercialization, and economic development. The Enterprise Innovation Institute’s vision to redefine the service role of the technological research university in the 21st Century economy parallels the greater mission of Georgia Tech which is to develop leaders who advance technology and improve the human condition. As clients of the Atlanta MBDA Centers, business leaders around the country have the opportunity to adopt a new role as partners in Georgia Tech’s overall mission.

Today, Georgia Tech bolsters a colorful array of rankings, which only validate the tremendous and innovative initiatives that occur on campus every day.

According to the US News Georgia Tech Ranks

  • #35 in National Universities (tie)
  • #4 in Most Innovative Schools
  • #8 in Top Public Schools (tie)
  • #4 in Best Undergraduate Engineering Programs
  • #5 in Computer Science (tie)
  • #3 in Co-ops/Internships
  • #19 in Senior Capstone (tie)

These rankings can only partially capture the ingenuity and drive that defines Georgia Tech faculty, students, and alumni. All those who have at one point or another cheered on the white and gold continue to pursue lasting legacies for years to come. Over the next few weeks, the Atlanta MBDA Centers will be highlighting different ways that our clients can engage further engage with the Georgia Tech community. Readers can expect to learn ways to recruit Georgia Tech Interns, Co-ops, and recent alumni as well as how to further engage in professional development and research opportunities through the Georgia Tech Manufacturing Institute.

Georgia Tech Career Center

The 2011 Georgia Tech Career Fair was held at the Campus Recreation Center (CRC).

The Georgia Tech Career Center is a multifaceted group that not only engages Georgia Tech students and alumni, but it also serves as a resource for employers looking to hire interns, co-ops, and recent graduates from Georgia Tech. By helping distribute internship and co-op opportunities via CareerBuzz (Georgia Tech’s online career portal), allowing companies to purchase student resumes, and hosting recruiters at a handful of career fairs throughout the year, the GT Career Center is an amazing resource for employers to engage with the current Georgia Tech community.



Georgia Tech Manufacturing Institute

The Georgia Tech Manufacturing Institute (GTMI) is one of Georgia Tech’s

Advanced Manufacturing Facility on 14th St.

11 interdisciplinary research institutes (IRI’s), and an integral part of the broader Georgia Tech research enterprise. As an IRI, GTMI works with all of Georgia Tech’s colleges, other IRIs, including the Georgia Tech Research Institute, and affiliated programs like the Enterprise Innovation Institute and the Georgia Manufacturing Extension Partnership in a cross-discipline way to fully harness GT’s strengths and resources.

To learn more about all the different opportunities to engage the Georgia Tech Career Center as well as the GTMI, make sure to check out the resource section of the Atlanta MBDA Centers’ newsletter as well as our blog.

Experts Question if Artificial Intelligence Will Protect Man-kinds’ Best Interest

Are Robots Equipped With the Ability to Make Ethical Decisions?

Utilizing robots and intelligent reality software in the workplace has altered and enhanced the world as we know it, but to what end? The questions that arise in conversations when discussing robotics and intelligent reality are very similar, usually surrounding the ethics and decision-making capabilities of the intelligence. Robots are being utilized to oversee and optimize processes, but do they have the ability to decide what is best for man-kind before acting?

Over the past 5 years, the merging of artificial intelligence (AI) and the internet of things (IoT) has grown tremendously and is expected to continuously rise, eventually transforming the workforce as we know it. The impact of the introduction of thinking machines to the labor force has been major, especially in the manufacturing and healthcare industries.

Artificial intelligence has improved productivity, shortened supply chains, and increased automation in warehouses, contributing to the popularity of smart factories. The automobile industry has begun the production of smart cars, while the healthcare industry is utilizing robots to test diagnoses and revolutionize treatments, empowering innovation and promoting growth.

Industry experts predict 50% of all manufacturing companies will be using AI in some form by the end of 2021

Humans created machines to think, observe and resemble human behaviors, allowing the machines to learn an algorithm and gain the ability to respond to situations as if it was second nature to them. But are the machines morally equipped not to harm humans or able to understand their capacity as machines? Robots have modernized society and embody the power to enhance the world as we know it, but are they capable of correcting and eliminating harmful behavior or adjusting to societal standards?

Technology companies are in a race to the top competing for the title of “most innovative,” while some businesses have encountered backlash due to the entities that have access to the software. Microsoft Corporation faced widespread criticism as they bragged on working with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to assist the agency in “processing data on edge devices or utilizing deep learning capabilities to accelerate facial recognition and identification.”

Microsoft Corporation faced widespread criticism as they bragged on working with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

Microsofts’ CEO Satya Nadella addressed the concerns in an internal memo to all employees ensuring the company isn’t working with the U.S. government on any projects related to separating children from their families, but they are working with ICE to support its’ legacy mail, calendar, messaging and document management workloads.

Microsoft president Brad Smith requested for governments worldwide to develop and adopt laws to regulate facial-recognition technology. Concerns continue to rise globally as countries like China rapidly introduce facial recognition to monitor public spaces, with analysts estimating an increase of 100 million surveillance cameras, adding to the 200 million already in place.
Smith suggests pushing for the ban on using facial recognition in ways that harm political freedom or enable discrimination.

He also implanted principles that will guide Microsoft in how it develops and deploys facial recognition technology. The principles are:

  1. Fairness. We will work to develop and deploy facial recognition technology in a manner that strives to treat all people fairly.
  2. Transparency. We will document and clearly communicate the capabilities and limitations of facial recognition technology.
  3. Accountability. We will encourage and help our customers to deploy facial recognition technology in a manner that ensures an appropriate level of human control for uses that may affect people in considerable ways.
  4. Non-discrimination. We will prohibit in our terms of service the use of facial recognition technology to engage in unlawful discrimination.
  5. Notice and consent. We will encourage private sector customers to provide notice and secure consent for the deployment of facial recognition technology.
  6. Lawful surveillance. We will advocate for safeguards for people’s democratic freedoms in law enforcement surveillance scenarios and will not deploy facial recognition technology in scenarios that we believe will put these freedoms at risk.

Limiting a robots competencies may hinder the purpose of innovation, however creating a predictable, transparent thinking machine could be a solution to a question surrounding ethics. If the persons in control of the robot understand its’ limits, this may reduce and eliminate the concern of foul play or human harm.

The National MBE Manufacturer Summit 2019

Join the Atlanta MBDA at the 4th Annual National MBE Manufacturers Summit 2019 to experience the trending technology and innovation! Our conference participants will have the ability to fully engage and lay their eyes on technological innovations ranging from automation drones and robotics to augmented and virtual reality. This is your chance to be among the first to interact with cutting-edge technologies and expose your team to fresh ideas.

5 Tips to Close Deals After Networking Events

By Asha Morton

We all have had it engraved in our minds: your network is your net worth- and that’s precisely why relationship building is more important than just showing up to events.

Let’s be honest, we enjoy attending mixers after work since they keep us out of rush hour traffic, but are we taking advantage of being in the same room with C-Suite executives and decision makers?

Since eighty-five percent of opportunities are filled through networking it is crucial to be skillful and well prepared. Networking is a door opener for deals that may not have been as successful through cold calling, and it is a great way to vet potential clients, partners and future employees.

The bottom line is, if you treat your next networking event like a job interview, you will see instant success. (You can thank us later)

Tip #1: Research, Research, Research

Find out who will be in the audience. Most events have a social page that will show who will attend or are interested in attending, which is a great way to locate critical contacts and decision makers. Learning about someone before meeting them is a great way to show how you do business, and gives insight on their business goals, value and potential opportunities.

Tip #2: Mutual Friends?

Learning to leverage friendships as a way to build future connections is vital. Asking the event coordinator to help make a connection with a contact is an excellent way to further your interests. The individual will arrive prepared to connect with you and discuss business.

Tip #3: Perfect your Relationship Building Plan

Are you working the room just to fatten your Rolodex? Spending time to nourish the right relationships will, in turn, bring the big bucks and future partners. After an event, create a list of business cards received and rank them based on your interactions. “Write down why each person is important, and how you would categorize the strength of your relationship on a scale of zero to five,” says professional relationship development expert Keith Ferrazzi, author of “Never Eat Alone: And Other Secrets to Success, One Relationship at a Time. This will help you develop a strategy to pursue your goals—and hone in on building with the right people.

Tip #4: Diversify your Network

Usually, during events, we tend to migrate towards like-thinkers, but it’s essential to build relationships with individuals who can introduce you to new social circles. Attending events outside of your norm is a great way to find new business, increase your brand presence and drive sales. Also, this is an opportunity to stand out and learn from influential individuals from other industries.

Tip #5: Polish Up your Follow Up

If the business cards collected during an event were blank checks and all you need is a signature, how any meetings or site visits would you set up to get those signatures?
FOLLOW UP, FOLLOW UP, FOLLOW UP! For your network and partnerships to become robust, it’s essential to maintain these relationships. Find ways to connect with these individuals on a regular basis and the referrals won’t stop coming.

Build connections and Close Deals at these events!