Georgia MBDA Students – Where are they Now: Sam Naab

Georgia MBDA Students – Where are they Now

Earlier this year, we produced a series of articles focusing on how your group can employ student workers by utilizing the resources provided by the Georgia Tech Career Center. If you were not able to read those articles, make sure to check them out on our blog. To show you that we practice what we preach, this week, we will be highlighting some of the students that have worked with our centers over the past few years and where they are today.

Sam Naab

Sam recently graduated from Georgia Tech in May of 2021 with a B.S. in Literature, Media, and Communication. Working as a student assistant for the Atlanta MBDA Centers, Sam’s role focused primarily on content production – interviewing clients and writing the client spotlight series, piloting and authoring the GT Resource Series on the GT Career Center and GT Manufacturing Institute, and writing articles recapping the 5th Annual Advanced Manufacturing Summit. Sam also performed other roles with the group conducting research projects to support the NextTech Pitch Competition and SEO optimization for our websites.

Like our other student workers, Sam was very involved on campus. Sam was a general member for a number of organizations including the Georgia Tech Tour Guides, Wreck Camp (the extended first-year orientation program), For the Kids (the largest philanthropic group on campus), and the GT Catholic Student Group. Sam also served as Vice President of the Honor Advisory Council and the both the Vice President of Public Relations and Vice President of Development for his fraternity, Kappa Sigma. Sam was very involved with the pre-teaching program at Georgia Tech, and in his senior year, Sam sat as a representative for pre-teaching students on the GT Office of Undergraduate Education’s Student Advisory Board. In his time at Tech, Sam worked as a student assistant for the Office of Undergraduate Admission and as an Curriculum Alignment Intern for the GT School of Biological Sciences before working for the Atlanta MBDA Centers.

Below is what Sam had to say about working with the Centers:

How would you describe the atmosphere within the Atlanta MBDA Centers?

I had a unique (and completely virtual) experience with the Atlanta MBDA Centers, but in just a short six months, I’ve felt myself grow so much as a professional. It’s so inspiring and empowering to be surrounded by an entrepreneurial spirit. Energy that high just begins to permeate into your thinking and actions. The Centers are a busy place with a fast pace, but it was easy and fun to sprint with them during my last two semesters of undergrad. I learned a lot, and I was given so much responsibility that I honestly did not feel like a student assistant but rather a full-time staff member. I am very appreciative for my time with the Centers.

Are there any projects from your time as a student assistant that you’re particularly proud of?

Within a manner of weeks, I was basically the primary content developer for the Atlanta MBDA Centers. If someone needed an article written, they would come to me, and I would produce it. I was extremely proud that this responsibility was just given to me. I also pitched an idea on writing content about building internship programs, and I was basically told to run with it. This project became an entire Georgia Tech Resource Series for our newsletter, and I include many of these articles in my personal portfolio. As a writer, it was amazing to be able to spearhead my own projects as well as seeing my content out there and helping our clients.

How did working for the Atlanta MBDA Centers contribute to your undergraduate career at Georgia Tech and your professional career after graduating?

On May 31, 2021, I will begin pursuing an M.Ed. in Middle School English Language Arts at the University of Notre Dame on the ACE Teaching Fellowship. By the time this article is released, I will have only been in graduate school for a few weeks, but there are definitely tangible ways that the Centers have influenced me. I spoke earlier about the entrepreneurial spirit within the Centers, and it was the drive of and ambition within the Centers that inspired me to open my own freelancing service. While in grad school, I will continue managing their web content and social media for some of the clients I’ve acquired on my own.

I couldn’t be more appreciative of my work with the Centers. As someone fresh out of undergraduate, I’ve developed a strong, virtual rolodex of business professionals and contacts which will be sure to carry with me going forward. I loved the opportunity to tap into the Atlanta business development scene, and I hope to capitalize on my experience with the Centers after graduating from my graduate program in 2023.

What’s a Capstone Project? And Why Should You Apply?

Over the course of our student worker series, we have focused exclusively on the best practices for hiring students through building internship programs and attending career fairs. Whether you have already executed these steps or are working with your team on the foundational stages, there also exists other opportunities for your company to engage with undergraduate talent.

The Georgia Tech Senior Design Capstone Project is an opportunity for companies to sponsor graduating Georgia Tech students to execute a specific research and design project for your group. Utilizing the skills these seniors have acquired over their time at Georgia Tech, the applications for these projects will directly benefit a specific need for your company. For a quick overview, please watch the video embedded below.

What is the Capstone Course?

Participants present their projects.

Since its inception, Georgia Tech has focused on providing its students with an applicable and industry focused education so that graduates would be extremely prepared for the workforce. Through this philosophy stems the culminating senior capstone project. In Capstone program, students have the ability to tackle “real-world, open-ended, interdisciplinary challenges proposed by industrial and research project sectors.” Companies, like yours, provide a sponsorship to Georgia Tech and in return receive a student group ready and willing to solve your proposed problem through an engineering design process.

Focusing on business principles, research, and design, these student groups are mentored by academic professionals over the course of the semester, will work directly with your company (and upon your requests can perform actual site visits to further understand the work), and on average will contribute over 500-man hours to your specific project. Your group will not only receive exceptional work from students eager to capitalize on their undergraduate experience, but these provided solutions will also remain as your company’s intellectual property for your own further development.

How Do I Participate?

To propose a project for the Georgia Tech Capstone Program, your business will act as a sponsor for the program, donating a minimum of $10,000 to help cover course expenses, team presentations and reports, and material and services costs for prototype fabrication. Sponsors will also submit their proposed project to the Capstone project portal listing their pitch, contact information, and any desired skills or considerations. After this information is received, students will form groups and begin bidding their ideas on the proposed projects. Once a proposed solution is accepted, your business and the GT student team will work closely to execute your proposed research and design problem.

To propose a project to the Capstone program, click here. To learn more about these opportunities make sure to visit the Capstone website or email

Georgia Tech Resources Available for You

Over the next several weeks, the Atlanta MBDA Centers will be highlighting individual resources and services provided by Georgia Tech for companies and industry leaders to further engage with the university. As a client of the Atlanta MBDA Business Center or Advanced Manufacturing Center, individuals not only have access to a developed network of industry professionals with top-notch expertise in accelerating business growth, but companies also take a step into the greater Georgia Tech community and the multitude of benefits that can only be accessed by partnering with a leading research and engineering institution.

The Atlanta MBDA Business Center and Advanced Manufacturing Center operate within Georgia Tech’s Enterprise Innovation Institute (EI2). EI2 is currently the largest university-based business outreach program, and it prides itself on offering its clients primary expertise in business and industry assistance, technology commercialization, and economic development. The Enterprise Innovation Institute’s vision to redefine the service role of the technological research university in the 21st Century economy parallels the greater mission of Georgia Tech which is to develop leaders who advance technology and improve the human condition. As clients of the Atlanta MBDA Centers, business leaders around the country have the opportunity to adopt a new role as partners in Georgia Tech’s overall mission.

Today, Georgia Tech bolsters a colorful array of rankings, which only validate the tremendous and innovative initiatives that occur on campus every day.

According to the US News Georgia Tech Ranks

  • #35 in National Universities (tie)
  • #4 in Most Innovative Schools
  • #8 in Top Public Schools (tie)
  • #4 in Best Undergraduate Engineering Programs
  • #5 in Computer Science (tie)
  • #3 in Co-ops/Internships
  • #19 in Senior Capstone (tie)

These rankings can only partially capture the ingenuity and drive that defines Georgia Tech faculty, students, and alumni. All those who have at one point or another cheered on the white and gold continue to pursue lasting legacies for years to come. Over the next few weeks, the Atlanta MBDA Centers will be highlighting different ways that our clients can engage further engage with the Georgia Tech community. Readers can expect to learn ways to recruit Georgia Tech Interns, Co-ops, and recent alumni as well as how to further engage in professional development and research opportunities through the Georgia Tech Manufacturing Institute.

Georgia Tech Career Center

The 2011 Georgia Tech Career Fair was held at the Campus Recreation Center (CRC).

The Georgia Tech Career Center is a multifaceted group that not only engages Georgia Tech students and alumni, but it also serves as a resource for employers looking to hire interns, co-ops, and recent graduates from Georgia Tech. By helping distribute internship and co-op opportunities via CareerBuzz (Georgia Tech’s online career portal), allowing companies to purchase student resumes, and hosting recruiters at a handful of career fairs throughout the year, the GT Career Center is an amazing resource for employers to engage with the current Georgia Tech community.



Georgia Tech Manufacturing Institute

The Georgia Tech Manufacturing Institute (GTMI) is one of Georgia Tech’s

Advanced Manufacturing Facility on 14th St.

11 interdisciplinary research institutes (IRI’s), and an integral part of the broader Georgia Tech research enterprise. As an IRI, GTMI works with all of Georgia Tech’s colleges, other IRIs, including the Georgia Tech Research Institute, and affiliated programs like the Enterprise Innovation Institute and the Georgia Manufacturing Extension Partnership in a cross-discipline way to fully harness GT’s strengths and resources.

To learn more about all the different opportunities to engage the Georgia Tech Career Center as well as the GTMI, make sure to check out the resource section of the Atlanta MBDA Centers’ newsletter as well as our blog.